About conference

The Conference is organised by the Tribidrag Association, created with the aim to promote the native wine grapes of Croatia by wine enthusiasts Davorka Krnić-Trick, Fani Prodan and Iva Drganc, as well as professors Edi Maletić and Ivan Pejić from the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Agriculture.

The goal of the I Am Tribidrag Conference is to gather winemakers, experts, writers, journalists and all other wine enthusiasts in order to inform them about the historical and scientific facts and characteristics of this grape variety. Tribidrag is planted all over the world in diverse conditions. It also goes under different names: Tribidrag, Pribidrag, Crljenak kaštelanski, Kratošija, Primitivo or Zinfandel are all names for one and the same wine grape variety. In order to show the diversity and full potential of this grape variety, the Conference organisers have invited renowned wine experts, who have selected for tasting 20 completely different Tribidrag samples from all corners of the world.

The Conference will focus on education and providing latest information on Tribidrag production and wine technology all over the world, as well as presenting Croatia as a unique oeno-gastronomic tourist destination with authentic products.

First International Conference
on the Tribidrag Variety

April 27-28, 2017
Hotel Park 5*, Split, Croatia